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email: opravy1021@finndomy.cz

tel. po-čt 9-16:00

         pá 9-14:00

Opravy evidence: 734 311 930; 604 298 090

Ostatní: 731 654 376


(Soukromé opravy a drobné opravy ve svém předmětu nájmu si sjednává nájemník sám na své vlastní náklady, v případě zneužití linky, bude platit pokutu až do výše způsobené škody, dle platebního a domovního řádu)




















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whitehat monthly SEO plans

(Mike Ward , 24. 5. 2021 13:01)


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Most profitable cryptocurrency miners released

(Yahoo, 24. 5. 2021 7:59)

Most profitable cryptocurrency miners has been released :
DBT Miner: $7,500 (Bitcoin), $13,000 (Litecoin), $13,000 (Ethereum), and $15,000 (Monero)

GBT Miner: $22,500 (Bitcoin), $39,000 (Litecoin), $37,000 (Ethereum), and $45,000 (Monero)
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Business Partner

(Sambo Dasuki, 19. 5. 2021 19:23)

Dear Partner;

I came across your email contact on Database; Where i was searching for a competent Partner who can handle a lucrative business for me as trustee and manager. I anticipate to read from you soon so I can provide you with more details.

Yours Sincerely,
Alh. Sambo Dasuki

Local SEO for more business

(Mike Smith , 14. 5. 2021 23:53)


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Increase Domain Strength for kojeticka1021.cz

(Mike Crossman , 14. 5. 2021 22:58)

Hi there

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Please I need your urgent response

(Mazlan Selvi, 13. 5. 2021 10:20)

Dear Friend,

My names are Mr. Mezlan Selvi, a lawyer base in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. I have previously sent you an email regarding a transaction of US$13.5 Million left behind by my late client before his tragic death but no response from you.

However, I am contacting you once again with strong believe that you will work /partner with me to execute this business transaction in good faith. Please if you are interested in proceeding with me, kindly respond to me via my private email mselvi@ponnusamylawassociates-my.com for more detailed information.

As a matter of fact, this transaction is 100% risk free and I look forward to your acknowledgement.

Mr. Mazlan Selvi
Email: mselvi@ponnusamylawassociates-my.com

quality monthly SEO plans

(Mike Molligan , 11. 5. 2021 15:43)


I have just took an in depth look on your kojeticka1021.cz for its SEO metrics and saw that your website could use an upgrade.

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New Investment Offer

(Mohammed AL-Kuwari, 11. 5. 2021 4:01)

I am looking to work with you to engage in profit oriented ventures in your country with good ROI.
I have the directive of Sheikh Mubarak AL-Thani from the Qatar Royal Family , to source for a partner abroad who can accommodate 350M USD and 150M USD for Investment from an already executed contract.
We shall reassign the necessary documents to reflect your name/ company and also ensure payment is done by Qatar Petroleum Company.
I guarantee we shall implement this transaction under a legitimate arrangement without breaking the law.
More details will follow upon your reply to drmohammedalkuwari004@gmail.com
Dr. Mohammed AL-Kuwari
Whatsapp: +971554845309

Помощь по сайту.

(СloudeBok, 9. 5. 2021 9:33)

Здравствуйте, позвольте мы ознакомим Вас с нашей программой.
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У программы существует возможность скликивать сайты конкурентов для понижения их в поисковой выдаче.
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Подробнее на нашем Веб-сайте.

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(JamesFaw, 6. 5. 2021 5:45)

Good day! kojeticka1021.cz

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I promised.

(Frunk, 11. 1. 2021 21:24)

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(nym86977tetcher, 3. 1. 2021 0:25)

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(nam86977krya, 2. 1. 2021 9:48)

mns86977rttyneg VeQFEks 8WO9 BXbgQbH

prosakování vody

(neratovice@dermacentrum.cz, 25. 11. 2019 10:47)

Dobrý den, nahlašuji tímto prosakování vody stropem se zatečením do stěny čekárny, kožní ambulance, Kojetická 1021, Neratovice, MUDr. R.Pavlíček

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